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Modern, flexible thinking governments having recognized the reshuffling of national security functionalities in the 21st century, the change of paradigm, they review, rework and maintain the complex (regime-)protection operations system with new political and strategic perspective. The two-pole word system disintegrated and changed to multi-pole one and new – more unexpected, more unstable and more unpredictable – challenges to security policies replaced the old ones. What is more, the new challenges demand protection capabilities different from those of recent historic times. The international systems of alliances, such as UN, OSCE, NATO and the common foreign-, security and defence policies of EU represent considerable guarantees for the collective defence but are far from being enough for national security. Maintaining national independence in defence activities is also absolutely necessary, especially in security service operations, of which major depositories both internationally and nationally, are the competitive Hungarian intelligence and counter-intelligence experts. Bigger and bigger portion of challenges to national security of different structure and weighting goes to the competency of the national security and secret services. Some democratic countries and governments having recognized this up-value with good sense and reason the police and security service activities, secret service operations included. This is the only way to gain time, and thereby advantage, in the frequently non-transparent international and domestic security environment. The role of intelligence and counter-intelligence in defence- and interest protection is decisive in a nation’s capability of living.


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Honlap Tartalom (Térkép)

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